Build HTML5 mobile touch applications

The scene is changing and it seems new people are hopping onto HTML5 quicker than to Flex and Flash. HTML5 is quick and easy to learn and low in maintainence. With the world moving onto mobile devices, HTML5 is not far behind in catching up with it. So, now we can develop mobile applications that look and run as native applications in mobile devices and guess what they are cross platform, it can run on iOS, Android, Blackberry. Thanks to Sencha for providing a JavaScript framework called the Sencha Touch which can create and deploy touch applications. Try the Kitchen sink application ( that they have created, it showcases all the built in functionalities and UI elements. Test the application on Google Chrome as other browsers are giving some problems. Also you can check out the demo on iPods and iPads.

I have been involved with HTML5 for quite a some time now and have been fiddling with Sencha recently. I will post some demos soon. Its quite good, try out. Here is a video to get you started

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