Adobe focusing on HTML5 with its new Edge software

Adobe EdgeAdobe has indeed started considering HTML5 as a big threat to flash technologies and has started to focus on the new web standards of HTML5, CSS3. Adobe’s main answer to doing fancy things on the web was the  flash player, a plugin that needs to be installed with web browsers to view rich contents on the web page. Now with the rise of mobile and tablet devices starting to support the new web standards for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript when Flash was either being not supported or not allowed to run in these devices has led Adobe to come up with quick answers.

“What we’ve seen happening is HTML is getting much richer. We’re seeing more workflow previously reserved for Flash being done with Web standards,” said Devin Fernandez, product manager of Adobe’s Web Pro group.

With the public preview release of their new Edge software thay have made this clear that they are serious. This is what they are saying about Edge

“Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.”

You can download the preview version of Edge right now from the Adobe Labs site

This official video will also help you to get started 

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