Rapid fire

iPhone/iPod dimensions (width x height in pixels)
To develop a full screen mobile web app for mobile safari in iPhones (the older one)
portrait mode – 320 x 416
landscape mode – 480 x 268
Detailed tutorial – https://jbkflex.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/writing-a-full-screen-mobile-web-app-for-iphone/#more-459

iPad dimensions in portrait mode (width x height in pixels)
iOS4 – 768 x 948
iOS5 – 768 x 928

How to detect mobile device’s iOS version in java script?

var ua;
function detectiOSVersion() {
  ua = navigator.userAgent;
  iOSVer4OrLess = ua.match(/OS [1_4]_[0-9_][0-9_]+ like Mac OS X/i) != null;
  if (iOSVer4OrLess) {
  } else {

Why WAMP localhost does not work while works fine?
Skype reserves port 80 for its incoming connection which conflicts with WAMP, so simply configure Skype to use another port by doing the following:
In Skype go to Tools|Options|Advanced|Connection and uncheck the option –> Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections, that’s it
For this change to take effect restart Skype and Restart all services on WAMP by doing the following:
Left-click WAMP tray icon > Restart All Services”
Now Wamp and Skype can co-exist together.
Answers from StackOverflow.

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